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The school has a strict uniform and hair policy. We want our students to look well groomed and professional. We do not accept rudeness, poor attitude or tardiness. We expect full co-operation from parents and dedication from students. If these basic rules are not followed, we reserve the right to refuse tuition.  


Ballet students: ISTD ballet leotard, pink tights. Full sole ballet shoes only please with crossed strap support elastics.


Jazz, Modern and Acrobatic students: VA Dance purple/black leotard with dance leggings over OR black all in one catsuit OR VA Dance purple crop top with black booty shorts OR VA Dance tracksuit. Bare feet or foot stockings.  


Tap students: Black leggings, with either VA Leotard, black catsuit or VA Dance tracksuit.


Musical Theatre: Jazz/Acro uniform or V.A. Dance official tracksuit.


Private Lessons/Competition Prep: Jazz uniform (Leotard and tights)


Boys: Black vest top and tight fitted boys black leggings. Bare-feet for Acro, Bare feet or black split sole Jazz shoes for Modern and Jazz.




59 Windmill Hill

Enfield, Middlesex EN2 7AF

To order a Tracksuit please see website shop

Hair should always be worn off the face. French plaits, a bun, or ponytail with an alice-band to keep the hair back is acceptable.

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